Pediatrics & Prenatal Care in Ankeny

Pediatrics & Prenatal Care in Ankeny IA

Embrace Life Chiropractic in Ankeny is a family-focused, neurologically-based chiropractic office. Care is gentle and specific for all ages and stages of life, including newborns, and pregnant women. The force we use to adjust a newborn is equivalent to the force used to test the ripeness of a tomato.

Birth Process

With the birthing process being so traumatic on both baby and mom, it is important both be checked if not throughout pregnancy, then soon after birth. The 1st year of life is very important for a newborn’s nervous system. Approximately 65% of the nervous system development happens within the 1st year of life. (Read more)

Dr. Drew knows that a properly functioning nervous system and proper spinal structure for mom throughout pregnancy is essential to the development of her baby. Maintaining the alignment and proper motion of the spine and pelvis through chiropractic care helps to ensure baby has plenty of room with in the womb to develop. New research shows that not only is chiropractic beneficial for the health of both mother and baby, but it can actually reduce labor pains and labor times by up to 60%.

Our Children deserve the best start to life possible.
Scientific studies showing the efficacy of chiropractic care for children and pregnant women.

At Embrace Life Chiropractic we are on a mission to check every child for nerve disturbance so we can ensure the best start to life. We believe that healthy kids grow up to be healthy adults. If a child can grow up being regularly checked by a neurologically-based chiropractor, they will be healthier and happier while experience little to no “adult” conditions such as high blood pressure, asthma, allergies, etc.

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